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Food & Agriculture

Re-visiting how and where
we produce our foods. Improving soil health and cutting back on harmful chemicals

Plugging Energy

Replacing fossil fuels with low carbon energy sources. Connecting everyday machines to renewable energy supply.

Making Things

Leveraging advances in science and technology to create new materials for infrastructure, construction and packaging.

Getting Around

Finding new ways for transportation and shipping. Tracking our global emissions related to transport, logistics and supply chain.

Accelerating the transition to a sustainable economy

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Replacing honeybees with microorganisms as a medium for honey production

Hyfé Foods

Leveraging fungal fermentation to up-cycle water byproducts from food manufacturers


Producing plant-based, whole-cut fish fillets to sustainably feed the world


Pioneering novel technology for reducing sugar using enzyme to converts sugar into vegetable fibre

Tandem Repeat

Protein-based thermoplastic material for the production of smart & sustainable textiles

Cultivated Biosciences

Fat ingredient from oleaginous yeast, which offers the creaminess needed for plant-based dairy


Sustainable, low cost and high quality production of microalgae for various yet untapped markets

20+ others still in stealth